Eating Disorders Program For Parents Of Children With an Eating Disorder

Accelerate Your Child’s Eating Disorder Recovery

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Are you feeling powerless about your child’s eating disorder?

Realizing that your child has, or potentially may have, an eating disorder creates a lot of questions and anxiety as a parent. Unfortunately, there are not many readily available tools to help parents navigate this very real and scary situation. 

The lack of child-specific eating disorder resources can be paralyzing for parents.

The Eating Disorders Recovery Roadmap for Parents provides the critical information and proper guidance that is needed to understand your child's eating disorder and successfully navigate the proper path to recovery.

Common questions from parents...
  • What caused my child’s eating disorder?
  • How can I help my child get better?
  • What role do I play in my child’s recovery?
  • How do I talk to my child about their eating disorder?
  • Will my child every fully recover from their eating disorder?
  • How can I manage my own feelings of guilt, fear and anxiety?
The Eating Disorders Recover Roapmap For Parents has the answers!
Eating Disorders | Dietitian - Nutrition Program For Parents


Watch eight (8) informative, step-by-step eating disorder recovery training videos. Video lessons range from 60-90 minutes.


Downloadable summaries of module topics, statistics and strategies. Program includes an incredible amount of PDF supplementary materials. (394 Pages Of Content!)


4-month-access to weekly LIVE, 1-hour group sessions with Jane Reagan.  (Sessions are recorded to watch later if needed)  (Q and A participation is not required to complete program).


Share stories, connect and get support from other parents in a private Facebook group. (Facebook group participation is not required).

BONUS! Eating Disorders In College Video & Downloads Module Now Included!

Jane Reagan's Eating Disorder Recovery Roadmap For Parents is the most comprehensive, proven, and easy-to-understand program available, ANYWHERE.

Learn at your own pace, on your schedule and start making a difference in your child's eating disorder journey today.

Course Fee: $1,750 (Save $50)
Or 3 Monthly Payments of $600

Do you have questions about the program and if it's right for your situation?

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Get your child back on track to a healthy and happy life.  

The 3 Steps To Your Child's Eating Disorder Recovery:


After completing our program, you’ll have an actionable roadmap to help your child overcome their eating disorder.

Parents’ actions & words about food, exercise and body image matter.

Jane Reagan Quote
While parents are not the cause of a child’s eating disorder, they play a pivotal role in their return to wellness.

Program Download Samples

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How do i talk to my child about their eating disorder?
How do i increase the chances of recovery for my childs eating disorder
Contributing factors in my childs eating disorder
Body Image In Eating Disorders
Roadmap sample
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“Jane has been so wonderful and amazing through the challenges our family has gone through battling an eating disorder. She has given us all the tools and hope to get through this challenging time to have a better future and things to look forward to again!”
Jane Reagan Quote
“Jane's program is an essential component of helping parents' understand and how to best help their child with an eating disorder. I cannot say enough good things about Jane's program and her influence on my family and so many others. I am enternally grateful to have come across Jane's program. ”
Message From Jane Reagan
Become a positive force in your child’s recovery.