About Jane

My Philosophy

To inspire hope, better nutrition, improved health and a more balanced life.

Many people today are overwhelmed with conflicting nutrition and health information.  I often hear from my clients “I’m so confused, I don’t know what to eat”.  My passion for my work comes from my desire to help people navigate and understand, from a non-diet approach to wellness, the impact of their food choices on their mental, emotional and physical health.

I believe in a body centered, mindful approach that combines evidenced based nutrition practices, resulting in an integrative and holistic approach to better nutrition, improved energy, increased mental clarity and optimal health.  I enjoy helping clients develop strategies to meet their nutrition and health goals by finding foods that fit for each individual person.  I do this, most importantly, by listening to their stories and experiences, honoring their unique bodies and coming up with nutrition protocols that address issues related to different disease states, food choices, supplementation and lifestyle interventions.   I collaborate regularly with other health care professionals, including, medical doctors, nurse practitioners, psychologists, therapists, naturopaths and physical therapists to help support clients in their journey to improved health. 
I believe in providing compassionate, individualized nutrition care and honoring our bodies innate wisdom.  I love helping people change their unhealthy patterns so they can enjoy their lives, listen to this wisdom and lead a life of vibrancy and true health.
Your most powerful tools for good health begin with your thoughts, your actions and your food.

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